Our New Online Shop

During our last visit to Kenya we came up with the idea to bring back some of the goods that we found there to sell in order to support a clean water project in Rakwaro, Kenya. We sold out of almost everything at our first event so we decided to purchase additional products and this time to launch an online store. You will find Kenya coffee, tea, handmade bags, bracelets, coasters, and luggage tags to inspire you to travel well. Buy gifts in our shop that support long life in East Africa.


100% of the Profits 

We're engaged in a campaign to bring clean water to a community in Western Kenya and 100% of the profits from our shop are going toward this life-saving cause. The people of Rakwaro will go from walking 90 minutes to get one can of water to having the ability to drink, bathe and raise vegetables all with clean water in their own village. They plan to use the water to start a community owned greenhouse bringing fresh produce, new jobs and the financial means to sustain the water project. Learn more about the water project.