Who We Are

Yadumu is the Swahili word for long life. The Yadumu Project helps people in East Africa to live long and healthy lives by assisting them to develop sustainable projects that will change their futures. Our goal is not to focus on building an organization but on building up people who are empowered to address the needs in their own communities. We start by listening and take a relational and participatory approach to human-centered development.

What We Are Doing

We are launching a campaign to bring clean water to a community in Western Kenya. The people of Rakwaro will go from walking 45 minutes each way to get one can of water to having the ability within their own village to drink, bathe and raise vegetables all with clean water. They plan to use the water to start a community owned greenhouse bringing fresh produce, additional jobs and the financial means to sustain the water project. Click here to learn more about the water project.